Session planning checklist


Whenever I am designing a training session for my U8 team, I try to rate it as I go along by asking myself a series of questions about what I have produced. A coaching checklist if you  like, to make sure that I am on-topic and delivering the best sessions I am capable of.

An hour a week is nowhere near enough time to deliver the learning I’d like, but it is all I have, so I feel that I need to maximise the contact time I have with the players.

I read a lot and attend courses in order to learn and develop myself, and to see if my checklist needs updating or amending. My current ‘session success checklist’ looks a bit like this:

Is there a clear learning focus?

Is it relevant to the game of football players will experience?

Is the session easy to understand and easy to play?

Is there sufficient opportunity for repetition of the learning focus?

Is there an element of competition to motivate the players?

Is it fun for the players to play?

Is there enough scope to increase/decrease difficulty as appropriate?

Does it progress from technique, to skill, to SSG smoothly?

Have I got questions I ask the players to make them think about the learning focus?

Have I identified a star who excels at this skill so I can reference them as a role model?

Can I explain the key technical factors clearly and simply?

Can I paint a picture of when and where this skill might be used in a game?

I may have missed a few, and you may agree/disagree with these and/or have your own checklist points. I’d love to hear about that!?

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