Attacking quickly as soon as possession is won

I have designed this game to help my u8 team practice making quick attacks from the second we win possession of the ball.

I would be grateful for any feedback, comments or suggestions please!? 🙂



Learning focus:

Attack quickly as soon as we win the ball.


Attack versus defence.

Blues defend first and start the game on the cones furthest away from the goal.

Yellows attack first and start on the cones nearest the goal.

All players face away from the goal, and start on the coaches whistle.

Yellows try to score a goal, and blues try to recover and win the ball back.

Yellows get five chances to score a goal & get 1 point for every goal – keep score.

Blues then have five chances.

Possible progressions:

1. Move defenders closer or further away depending on success.

2. Move one defender to be between attackers and goalkeeper if yellows get lots of success.


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